Water And Your Workout

The average person sweats about 4.5 of water for every 100 calories expended while exercising.  If you have an idea of the amount of calories burned during your workout, you can reasonably estimate how much water you will need to consume.

So, if you know you burn 700 calories with every workout, you will need (700/100 = 7 * 4.5 = 31.5)  31.5 ounces of water.  This should be consumed throughout the day with the last 6-8 ounces being consumed 20-30 min before your workout.

Hydration maintenance during the workout, in this case, should be about (31.5/5 = 6.3 OR 31.5/6 = 5.25)  5-6.5 ounces for every 10-12 minutes of work.

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