I’ve done personal training at various gyms in the past and never got the results I expected.  After meeting Jamel and talking to him about fitness, I finally decided to go out of the gym and try a different kind of personal training.  His methods are much more challenging and innovative.  Instead of boringly lifting the same weights and doing the exact same exercises week after week, I learned how to use my body as a tool.  I used sand bags instead of weights to create an imbalance in my workout (which essentially made the workout more efficient).  Jamel’s program focuses on a high level circuit training which makes it impossible for your body to get used to the movements.  Instead of focusing on a specific group of muscles, each workout incorporated my whole body.  Week after week, I could feel my body getting stronger.  After ten weeks of training, I ended up losing eight pounds and managed to decrease my running time by one minute per mile for most of the half marathons that took place during my training. months.  I would recommend JTC fitness to anyone who was serious about getting fit!


     Working with Jamel has not only allowed me to improve my technique, challenge my muscles, and hold myself accountable, but has taken away the obligation of exercise and made it a part of my routine. Jamel's personal touch goes beyond the workouts to educate and motivate his clients to take ownership of their goals. I can take his exercises to the gym, his expertise and advice home, and the results? I'm taking those to the beach!


     I don’t have the traditional workout goals; I want to gain muscle mass, improve my cardiovascular health and appearance and do it all in a healthy way.  As someone who struggles to gain and keep on weight, I have found Jamel’s all inclusive (nutrition, mental motivation, and the most physically demanding workouts imaginable) fitness combinations to be the perfect balance.  He has helped me improve my overall health and I have even started participating in the ‘mud runs’ with him!  Jamel is someone you look forward to working out with, instead of dreading it.  Over the past 2 years working out with Jamel, I have learned so much about proper form, body mechanics, self motivation, nutrition, and many other things.  I cannot possibly recommend him highly enough.


     I have known Jamel for over 12 years now. At the time I met Jamel, I participated in several body building competitions and I regularly worked out with other individuals who also participated in bodybuilding competitions. I consider myself a small woman in stature, but I loved working out with Jamel because he did not take my small size into consideration. He pushed me to physical exhaustion. We would leave the gym drenched, sore and happy. The gym would be left with puddles of sweat.

     Jamel and I also participated in some competitions together. He not only helped me reach my potential from a physical fitness perspective, he also helped me come out of my shyness, helped me build my confidence and carry myself in a different manner. Even though I am no longer training competitively, I am extremely dedicated to my personal physical fitness regime, and I attribute this in part to Jamel. He taught me to care about what I put into my body.  I still carry my lunch bucket, yes a bucket (not a bag), to work every day.  It holds my breakfast, my snacks, my lunch and my protein drinks, along with a gallon of water.  I've always taken pride in my health and appearance but Jamel gave me that extra push.  Even though I am years older than he is, I respect him very much and would not hesitate to train with him again given the opportunity  Since I have moved, I have yet to find a workout partner as serious, intense, dedicated and knowable as Jamel.  My trainer/partner for life!