Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and health achieve significantly greater results when using a trainer. An effective personal trainer can guide you, motivate you, and educate you by:

    • helping you to set realistic goals by comparing what you "want" to what your healthiest options are.
    • assist you in maintaining the discipline necessary to reach your goals.
    • encourage you to make better general health or wellness choices that you may not have considered.
    • provide you with feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses through fitness assessments and/or nutrition planning/reviewing.

Services include:
Personal Training
Boot Camp
Adventure Boot Camp
Progressive Training Routines

Other Services:

  • Tracking - An important part of the process is tracking results.  To maximize your progress and for you to learn what techniques work best for you, we need to continually monitor and adjust your program.  This cannot be done effectively without proper monitoring and ongoing assessments.  We can continually tailor your program so that you are getting what you need to achieve your goals.
  • Nutrition Guidance and Counseling - Together we will develop a plan for healthy eating.  We will determine the vitamins and minerals that are required for your optimum health.  I will guide you through the process and help you get through hurdles along the way.
  • Ongoing Training and Support - I will show you techniques to keep improving on your strength and endurance goals.  You will learn valuable techniques that can be incorporated into your lifestyle for years to come.