The Wake Up Call – Wk-4 3.25.13

                It’s been 3 weeks of 250 rep Wake Up Calls and by now I know you are thinking “what the hell was Jamel thinking when he put this together.”  But I promise that, regardless of the time it took, your tolerance for these 4 exercises is significantly higher.  You were more productive on the days that you did the Wake Up Call.  As such, this week’s Wake Up Call only calls for 2 days of completion.  “Thank goodness, he’s giving us a break.”  No not really.  For day 3, I really want you to Intensify Your Athleticism by REPING OUT!  Rep Out by completing 100 reps of EACH exercise with as few breaks as possible, in as little time as possible.  However, to off-set the high rep count of each exercise there is a recovery recommendation after each exercise that you can adhere to or omit.

See the new rep requirement and give it your all, Everywhere but the Gym!!!



Perform the required number of reps with as few breaks as possible.  Upon completion of all the reps for one exercise, move on to the next exercise.  Time yourself from beginning to end and post your times.


Days 1 & 2

75 Squats

50 Jack Knife Sit Ups (aka V-Up)

25 Push Ups

100 Burpees


Day 3

75 Squats - 2 min recovery

50 Jack Knife Sit Ups (aka V-Up) - 2 min recovery

25 Push Ups - 2 min recovery

100 Burpees - 2 min recovery



See Wk-3  3.18.13

See Wk-2  3.11.13

See Wk-1  3.4.13

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