The Wake Up Call – Wk-3 3.18.13

                All right folks it’s Week 3 and it’s time we pushed ourselves to the next level.  The reps are going to be tough for the toughest exercises this week and the next.  A word of caution, if you are on a regular program and work chest weekly, you may need up to a 2 day gap between this circuit and your regular chest day workout for optimal recovery from both.  See the new rep requirement and give it your all, Everywhere but the Gym!!!



Perform the required number of reps with as few breaks as possible.  Upon completion of all the reps for one exercise, move on to the next exercise.  Time yourself from beginning to end and post your times.

50 Squats

25 Jack Knife Sit Ups (aka V-Up)

100 Push Ups

75 Burpees



See Wk-2  3.11.13

See Wk-1  3.4.13

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