The Wake Up Call – Wk-1 4.8.13

For April I decided to give you guys a week off from the Wake Up Call mainly because of the routine I was planning on presenting, so here it is……

It’s been about 8 months since this routine has been done, that being said I thought APRIL would be the most appropriate time to bring it back…………and because I love it so much!

For those of you that have not been properly introduced to the Game of 5’s yet, you are in for a treat.  The Game of 5’s  is a combination of 5 bodyweight exercises, for 5 continuous sets, increasing the reps for each set by 5 each time around.  As usual, there is no equipment needed.




1 High Knees

2 Burpees

3 Stationary Lunges (one leg for the total reps to be completed first, then the other, technically 2 exercises)

4 Jack Knife Sit Up (aka V-Ups)

5 Push Ups

 Total reps per exercise upon completion is 75!  That’s .375 reps in your workout non-stop!  Initially this routine could take anywhere from 15-20 minutes for most beginners.  The fastest time so far (not MY time) is a whopping 7 minutes!


When your time gets below 10 minutes try the more advanced version below.

  • For the more Advanced version, start at 10 reps, increase by 10 for each set.

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