“I can’t eat 5 times a day that is so much food.”

“I don’t have time to prepare 5 meals or snacks everyday, I’m too busy for that.”

“Who has time to sit in their office and eat all day.”


2  tips to combat these issues and ones like it, save you some time, and get you on the road to creating a more efficient engine.

TIP #1 - “The simplest answer is usually the right one.”  Your snacking does not need to be national event, think smaller and simpler.  Start by measuring your snacks in handfuls.  2-4 handfuls per snack is a good place to start (i.e. 2 handfuls of carrots and tomatoes or 3 handfuls of cucumbers and celery or 2 handfuls of a whole grain/multi grain trail mix).  If you don’t have time to sit and eat 2 handfuls of a snack twice a day, set a 5-10 min BUSY appointment/meeting on your work calendar, with a reminder.

TIP #2 – most people spend more time making dinner than making all other meals for the day COMBINED!  Instead of spending an hour (or more) on dinner (which usually includes a significant amount of starch/carbs for the day) let’s limit it to 20-30 min.  If it takes longer than 30 min, save it for the weekend.  Now spend 5-10 chopping and separating veggies and snacks for the next day.  Hey look, 20 min to do something NOT related to food, maybe a 15 min workout!


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