Supplements are “supplements”, not replacements!

Supplements are called “supplements” for a reason. They are made to assist a healthy & normal nutrition level for the individual’s day to day functions and any other increased activities. They are made to fill-in the areas that may be a little deficient due to whatever activities you may be involved in.

They are NOT made to be the main source of nutrition simply because you are too lazy (aka “busy”) to cook. Too busy to cook a couple times a month maybe, but not every day. You plan everything else in life but cooking gets the short end of the stick. Obtain a career, planned. Commute to work, planned. Kids, bills, concerts, vacations, bedtimes, voting, retirement, doctor’s visit, even the grocery list is planned, so how do you miss cooking in the “plan”.

Some of you know from experiences with me that YOU HAVE TO EAT, and eat well to make it through the first 15min. And some of you probably eat more now than when we first started and you are not the same size or shape from before. Tell a friend, family member, or old Facebook buddy don’t replace good nutrition for the luxury of supplements.

Supplements are called “supplements” for a reason…….otherwise they’d be called, replacements. I don’t know anyone who can replace their health or their life!

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