Game of 5’s – 9.5.12

Now that Labor Day is over, I encourage you to #IntensifyYourAthleticism by taking 15 min a day for the next month to power through this little routine and jump start your fall workout season!

Game of 5’s is the combination of 5 bodyweight exercises, for 5 continuous sets, increasing the reps for each set by 5, no equipment needed.  Simple enough right, GREAT, let’s get started!

The exercises:

  1.      1-High Knee, Run in Place
  2.      2-Burpees (no additions, just the burpee)
  3.      3-Stationary Lunges (one leg, then the other)
  4.      4-Toe Touches, Crunches
  5.      5-Push Ups


Total reps per exercise upon completion is 75!  That’s .a total of 375 reps in your workout non-stop!  #IntensifyYourAthleticism


  • * For the more Advanced version, start at 10 reps, increase by 10 for each set.


  • * The Beginner and Advanced versions were a cake walk?  Then as an Experienced athlete, you should be able to complete all 5 cycles of the Advanced version a little faster each day RIGHT!  #EverywhereButTheGym!

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