The Wake Up Call – Wk-1 2.4.13

                Hopefully you all enjoyed January’s Game of 13s and you were able to push yourself beyond your normal limits.  February we will begin some light interval training (good thing you can’t see the smirk on my face right now, LOL).  No seriously, we will be doing a progressive interval workout for this month in which the timing will increase day to day and week to week.  These intervals will be fairly short so you should be trying to get as much as you can get in the allotted time.



We will start off with the following interval ratio:    Work time / rest period / # of rounds

30s / 15s / x6 = Est 18 min

Each day this week, add 5s to the work time, and subtract 2s from the rest period.

  1. Plank to Push Up
  2. Bicycle Crunches
  3. Squat Hold
  4. Burpees


Plank to Push Up

  1. Start by laying flat on your chest and your arms tucked under you so you are laying on top of your forearms with your hands palms down.
  2. Tighten your core and push up from your forearms with hips and shoulders moving as one into the plank position (You should hinge backward slightly onto your toes.  You should not lift your body straight up, this would indicate primary use of the hips and lower back to lift the body)
  3. Shift your weight slightly on the left side and bring your right hand up and place it as if you were preparing to do a Push Up (without needing to move it again)
  4. Shift your weight slightly to the right side and bring up your left arm up into the Push Up position.
  5. Shift your weight slightly to the left side and bring the right arm back down to the Plank position.
  6. Finally, shift your weight slightly to the right side and bring your left arm back down to the Plank position too.
  7. Lower your body down to the ground where you started
  8. That is 1 Rep!!!

Bicycle Crunches

Squat Hold (no weight necessary, just hold the squat for the allotted time)



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