The Life and Fitness Comparison

Level 1 – In the beginning you are young and inexperienced, unbalanced, attempting to maintain enough stability to push forward and hopefully make it to the next level.

Level 2 – In time, you are stable, your form is good and smooth, you are comfortable here…………..but you begin looking for the next challenge……….heavier, faster, or more complicated.

Max Level – You are able to push so hard that everything shakes, stability is difficult at this level, you tighten and lock in everything around you with every step. You look around and not everyone you started with are there with you, and in the end you are left shaking, beaten down, sore from the journey……..but tomorrow THIS level will be easily obtainable. You’ve adapted and grown enough to push it to the next level, so PUSH IT EVERYDAY!!!

Life and fitness, not SO dissimilar!

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