Super Spartan – Completed!! – 8.26.12

     On Sunday, August 26th, 2012 Jennifer, Lizette, Stuart, Justice, Kateria, Cedric and myself, participated in what was one of the most grueling races any of us has ever done.  For those that don’t know, the Super Spartan is an 8+ miles, muddy/hilly/grassy terrain, obstacle course style race.  It was by no means "child’s play" and required the combination of not only muscular and cardiovascular endurance but ABSOLUTE will power as well.

     The first 2 miles of this event are not that bad, a few hurdle like logs and walls 2-5 feet tall, and some very steep hills.  Most people who trained at a decent level make it to the first water station without being too fatigued, I hope.  The next 3-7 miles is what starts to wear you down, first with the distance running (or trudging depending on how well you trained), then with the ankle bound bunny hop for about 20 feet over logs, the sandbag carry through the woods 40lbs for the gents, 20 lbs for the ladies (of course in an Elite fashion I took 2x 40lb bags), the chained cinderblock drag through the mud for a little less than a quarter mile, the hoisting of a 50+ lb cement block 20 feet in the air and resting it gently, the cargo net climb, your first muddy puddle immediately followed by the monkey bar swing, and even some tire flipping somewhere in there.  Oh did I forget to mention that most of these that I have mentioned are major obstacles and failure to complete it is punishable by 30 burpees before moving on!!! 😉

     Now the fun begins as you enter mile 8+ filled with muddy rolls under barbed wire, diving into mud pits and climbing muddy hills, not to mention climbing a wet/muddy incline wall with a rope at the end.  By this time you are so tired you really believe it is over………………it’s not!  At this point your body feels like it weighs 10x more than it did when you started.  Now you have to traverse a wood wall in a bouldering fashion (rock climbing earlier this year proved VERY useful here in avoiding a near fall) of which falls/failures = 30 burpees.  Next was proving your worth as a true Spartan by throwing a spear at a scarecrow like, hay covered enemy, if you miss or the spear does not stick…………….yep, you guessed it, 30 burpees (my first punishment of the race).  The very last obstacle consisted of wading into yet more mucky muck muddy water that came with it’s only human sprinkler system as people began to fall back into the water as they tried to scale the knotted rope to slap the cow bell at the top.  Hand over hand, locking my feet at each knot for a break as I scaled the wet, muddy rope like some drunken Spider-Man and celebrating along the way about completing my final obstacle………………..nope there was more.  Looking at the finish line I wondered, ”Who are these idiots with pugil sticks and why are they slapping the snot out of folks running by them…….oh because that’s where the finish line is!!!  Engage Beast Bulldozer Mode………Ready………….Set…………..PULVERIZE EVERYTHING IN SIGHT………………GO!!!!!”

     This race was as exciting and fun as it was exhausting (if you ran most of the time).  In preparing my clients for their NEXT level of fitness, I turn to moments like these for inspiration in providing the most unique, challenging and useful training and nutrition programs for races like these as well as their other goals in everyday life.

~Jamel - 3:16:37


~Team Thoughts~

     "JTC Fitness was crucial towards my training for the 2012 Tough Mudder, 2012 Warrior Dash and 2012 Spartan Race!  I live in NYC and had to work out on my own, so Jamel provided me with a customized interval training schedule that helped increase my strength, agility and stamina.  With my training schedule, frequent check-ins and website updates from Jamel I've come closer towards achieving my fitness goals.  Maybe this time next year I'll look as good as he does!"

~Lizette - 3:33:24

     “On Sunday August 26, 2012 I participated in the Mid-Atlantic Super Spartan.  This was an intense 10 mile course with hills, mud crawls, rope climbs, and wall climbs. I am a runner and as most runners can attest to our lack of upper body strength.  As such, I was terrified that I would not have the stamina necessary to survive this course.  I decided to join Jamel Clark’s team and adhere to his training regime.  I had already established a training rapport with Jamel as I hired him as my personal trainer for 4 months in preparation for several half marathons I was schedule to run in 2011.  After training with him for 4 weeks, I reduced my half marathon time by 15 minutes and set my PR at 1:45.  He taught me I would only get to the next level by incorporating conditioning and weights into my training.  We did all the workouts I feared (jumping squats, pull-ups, dips).  However, I thanked him out loud as I powered through my 1 mile hill on mile 8 of my half marathon.  I had never felt so “not” out of breath on a hill before.     Needless to say when Jamel sent us his Workout of the Day (“WOD”) during the Spartan training, I did as instructed and finished strong.  In the race I finished in the top 29% of my age group and the top 26% of the female group.  I am very content with these results and thankful to Jamel for his support during the training period.”

~JAB - 2:48:16

     “I can honestly say that I would not have survived Spartan Race without Jamel’s guidance.  He always made himself available for conditioning sessions and as if that wasn’t enough he would regularly send random WODs for me to do on my own time.  Before the race he even sent a checklist of ways to prepare for the race which all came in extremely handy come race day. The best part about the experience is I could tell he wanted me to succeed as much as I did.  I look forward to training with him again.”

~Cedric - 2:05:24

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