Project X 2012 (continued) – Ryland Greenhouse

He can be pushed, he can’t be broken!  He can be taught, he won’t be deterred.  Weeks 3 & 4 were quite interesting as Ryland began to feel the effects of his progress thus far.  After putting him through some nutritional resets and full body blitzes during the workouts in Weeks 1 & 2, he now sees and hears more clearly the information that his body is giving him.

  “No, c’mon man, don’t do that.  That’s going to cause a setback and I want to stay on Jamel’s good side.  You know he won’t care if we caused our own setback!”

“WOW, it may not be a tall building but a single bound out of a river rapid is SWEEEEEEET!”

were just a couple of the things that he heard internally in Weeks 3 & 4.  Check it out!



Week 3 – October 6, 2012:

It's working!  8lbs down, protein shake ordered and I'm finding my body handling each new exercise much more graciously than ever before but MAN am I hungry.  5 meals a day and I'm still ravenous.  Energy level has fluxed a bit this week, but I think that was because of social decisions.  DO NOT GET 3 HOURS OF SLEEP BEFORE A WORKOUT -- YOU WILL HATE YOURSELF... and you won't be able to reap as much from the workout as you could if you were "all-there".  Workouts are continuing to increase in weight, reps and length but my body is definitely keeping up just fine.  Lessons learned: Sleep, EAT and get as much protein as possible in my system so I'm not burning my muscle, but fat.  Biggest eureka moment: during my recent white water rafting trip, I launched myself out of a Class III rapid back into my boat with ease.  I surprised myself with how explosive my legs have become.


Week 4 – October 13, 2012:

Best week so far. 10 lbs down, dramatic increase in reps of each exercise and I'm able to keep up just fine.  Jamel was even surprised by my progress!  Biggest difference this week -- I'm not nearly as sore after each workout as I have been in the past.  Starting to do 2 shakes a day, 5 meals that are heavy in veggies and protein and my energy level has been consistently high.  I look forward to every workout and what Jamel has in store for me.  It still blows my mind how he is able to customize each workout to my progress and what our goals are.  1 month down, 2 more to go.  It's been worth everything I've given it and I want MORE!!!


Tomorrow, Saturday, October 20, 2012 we are off to test Ryland’s new found fitness condition against his first 5k obstacle course, the Rebel Race 2012.  Check back soon for our summary of the race and his thoughts on his experiences.

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