Planks and Push-Ups and Pain, Oh My!!! – 9.12.12

Planks – “a small way of strengthening your shoulder and core endurance.”

Push-Ups – “a small way of strengthening your shoulder, triceps, chest, back, and core endurance.”


Each can be used to help strengthen the body in a variety of ways, yes?  Ever tried to do them BOTH in one continuous movement?  You should, it’s AWESOME!!!



     1-Plank Prep (laying down)


     3-Walk Up to Push-Up


     5-Walk Down to Plank


     7-Plank Prep (laying down)



Plank Prep – Lay flat, as if you about to raise your body up to hold in the plank position.  (palms flat, arms tucked under you with your biceps resting on the backside of your forearms, and your shoulders hovering just above your hands.  Feet should be extended so the sole of your shoe is facing the ceiling)

Plank – Raise your body to the plank position by pushing slightly backward from your forearms and rolling back onto your toes.  (Think about how an escalator hinges at an angle, not straight up and down.  Your elbow is the hinge, you should be pushing backward with a rising angle)

Walk Up to Push-Up – Shift your weight to your left forearm for balance, lift your right arm and place your hand outside your shoulder where it would be for push-ups.  Shift your weight to the right side and place your left hand in the push-up position.  (Alternate the starting side to shift your weight with either Walking Up or Down)

Push-Up – Do a push up!  HA!

(Repeat these in reverse until you are laying flat again, and start over)


Beginners – Start at 5-10 until you get used to the movements

Advanced – 20-40 Get Some!!! - 40-60 Get Some More!!!

Experienced – just add 1, yep that’s it, just 1!  If you were not a puddle of sweat at the advanced level, add 1 of these to every BURPEE for 25-50


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