Interval Workout – 8.30.12

Interval Workout - 30s/10s/x5

This is an interval workout consisting of 30 sec of work and 10 sec break/transition period. This workout can be done Everywhere But The Gym, ok maybe the gym too if you'd like.

After setting up your Gymboss (or other interval timer) to one of the time challenges below, hit start and perform the exercises in the pre-set order below (you may change sequencing later when you adapt to the workout or if this sequence is too easy for you). Each exercise should last for 30 sec with a break of 10 sec before proceeding to the next exercise.

Set your Gymboss based on the time you prefer:

     *10:00 - 30 sec by 10 sec for 15 rounds

     *13:20 - 30 sec by 10 sec for 20 rounds

     *16:40 - 30 sec by 10 sec for 25 rounds (see pic)


The exercises:

  1.      1-Push-Ups
  2.      2-Jack-Knife Sit-Ups
  3.      3-Squats
  4.      4-Bicycle Crunches
  5.      5-Burpees


Let me know if you have any issues with this workout or if you like it and are ready to make it more difficult. #Everywherebutthegym

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